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Savu dance

 Sweet memory of a place, language, dialogue, songs, dances and its people never ever forgetable wherever we go and the memory will turn over and over again whenever we are alone, or when see, hear the similar circumtances. It was happened to me when I meet someone from East Nusatenggara, always come to my attention  and want to know more. Lived and dedicated my life more than 5 years there, built an emotional relationship with the region and the people as well, unconsious.
                                         Governor house

I m not remember, who add who, but is's not important. One day a new friend, Nia Erni Miha Baho, comments something in return to my FB in my local language, Batak. She knew a lots of sentences. 
My curiosity asked her :" Who teach you Batak language", I posted and my guessing come true when she responsed in correct Batak :"Biasa ito pergaulan, boi ma au saotik hata Batak", free translation : I speak Batak from my good relation with Batak people. I try to dig deeper and asking personal question :"From your ex boyfriend?". Without hesitation she answered also in correct Batak too : "Daong ito sintong", means truly no.

I wonder, believe it or not, I found out that some words similar between Batak and Savu language such as Ama , Ina means.... Papa and Mama. That is why, she always called me Ama (Father) and called her Ina (mother). When I look at her albums,  I saw a special album named Horas, its mean that she ever been to  Batak territory @ Wisata Iman, Sidikkalang,  North Sumatera.On the contrary I had no opportunity go to Savu island, previously under Kupang district administration, scare by a high waves drive a small boat from Kupang, the capital.

                                        Nia in Wisata Iman @Sidikkalang.

Day by day I eager to followed her FB account and most of the post used Savu laguage and I think hard to memorized again  my vocabularies in Kupang dialogues while learning and asking her regularly the meaning of every words. After collecting some daily dialogue, I try to joint her friends, Savunese to put a very short comments on her FB's account. No wonder, she like it, as I like her speak my local language too, Batak.

I got some funny words, sentences, make LOL, laugh out loud until my stomach ache and my daughter asking :"what is funny dad ?".
Take a look at this words :"Pasti bikin orang NTT pung ludah malele", she mean that people of NTT will licking their lips, looking at a tempting corn menu "Jagung bose", over a plate while she posted a picture of corn menu above a plate, Savu way of  cooking. I responded by saing :"Sonde orang NTT sa, orang Batak pung ludah malele ee Ina.
                                          Jagung bose

Beside, I had copied a sentence from a Savu lady in Australia as wrote :"Beta sonde mau barurusan dong pung tai kiri kanan", make me LOL as well. She resided in western country with diffrent cultures, never mind bother with a bad comments from a bad Savunese on FB.

Nia regularly comments and praised some of my poems - my talents - and willing to try to write  her own  poem too, but asking me in the first place, if its hard to write a poem or not, in Savu she wrote "Beta mau belajar do, bisa ko kaka berana, susah ko sonde e". After I answered :" Take an imagination and spend a long time", then she made her mind in  her talent in something else, when she said in Savu : "Su pasti beta klo sendiri langsung angkat gitar ko menyanyi sa"' she wrote.

                                         Nice panoramas

In her account we saw some of her video singing Savu songs, a special Savu language, for me the song look like a long and love for Savu, especially Rai hawu island, where she was born. She just return from Savu, this time by a small plane. She shoot so many pictures, a very beautiful panoramas, dancing, special places tempting to visit, especially for Savunese, such as a honor's calling" symbolized by an escotic bird's name, a small black bird with a white head spots . Probably she had a close relationship to Batak people previously. Hopefully she keep her relationship with her friends for days to come.
Thank you so much Ina, adik berana...Peha'e kolo li wo iye,....Ya dei  nga au...
Mauliate, horas jala gabe. Emma tutu
                                          Black bird white head

Our communication contunue in daily basis to support, to motivate each other and I try my best to insert Savu language as much as I can. And I always keep my vocabularies updated.

In the last two days September 13 - 14, I had wrote 2 poems, my old poems published in FB and tagged to so many friends, including Nia. I never forget to insert Savu languages as much as I can and many friends wondering how can I learn so many languages.  Since Nia follow my last poem, a sad one, written based on my daughter's wedding along with our photo, she couldn't hold any longer to write her own poem.

She honor the first poem to her dear, respected mother with full passion, feeling and love, who raised her 3 beloved little kids when she still young, 36 years old when his husband go to The Lord.. At that time Nia was a toodler, 6 years old didn't quite undesrstand the real situation. She wrote in shedding a tear, since her mom sacrifices so much to afford the family. Her feeling and unconciuosness about her mom, mourning all the time for long period of time. She acompanied her mother sitting in her Dad grave yard beside their home. Eventhough she didn't realized it at that time, but all recorded unconcious. Those child's experiences recorded deep in her mind and soul, that is why become a sad poem for the first time ever

Below I copy the whole verses, later I will ask Nia to read it over again to make a small editted :


Pekat malam merangkul sepi
Bibir  terkatup, membisu tertusuk sembilu
Tatapan hampa, kosong tak bernyawa
Cinta sejati terbungkus, kau pendam jauh di dalam kalbu

Bunga sedap malam akan tetap mekar
Aromanya tak mampu mengusik lamunan
Gadis kecil berdendang, tak mengerti apa yang terjadi
B'ole taru ina tana ya ee *)
era DEO mone tao **)

Kau dekap mengalirkan kehangatan
Sekejap tersentak melihat sekeliling
Malaikat kecilmu ternyata ada disana
Buah cinta suci yang telah berubah wujud

Pelan berjalan ke peraduan
Wajah teduh ketiga malaikatmu
Kau pandangi tak berkedip
Mereka sangat membutuhkan diriku, engkau bergumam

Bangkit berdiri tegar, dalam usia mudamu
Buang semua pedih, songsong dunia
Kuatkan hati, tebarkan senyum
Senuman yang kini terlihat bermakna

Mother & beloved ones 

  *)   B'ole Jaru Ina tana ya ee = Jangan berduka mama tersayang
 **)  Era DEO mone tao         = Sebab ada Allah yg menciptakan

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