Monday, September 6, 2010

S O L.....SHOUT out LoUd

Some time we had a single moment for a reflection of what our life had been so far, when our dream never come true and in no time, in an empty room, nobody around, we try to shout out loud,  to express out our feeling as loud as we could and ultimately feel better.
Once, Lita klick this Blog and  read "Gaya Nana Soul Parlor" and saw a spectaculer photo of her friend, Nana Juliana on top of the story. Instantly she leaved an exaggerated comments  : "Its a rare model, who born once in 500 years" she noted. Before I answered the message, she add another nice remark by saying :
"Love it 1.000.000 times". 

When in the first time she look at the allien photo oh her friend, Nana Juliana, she can't stop LOL, laugh out loud and said :" I want to make the same pic", she wrote. She didn't realized that she ever been shot a similar photo  before, open a big mouth, white teeth and closed eye.
                                          Nana Julia

After read such a remark, I  am browsing her album  and  stop in a rare picture, a special  one - above pic - beside several beautifull poses. I kept thinking what was in her mind, why she put such a silly picture beside a nice, sweet photos ? I just guessing,  but had no idea at all. I spend few days to understand it well, but no clue whatsoever. 
Finally, I couldn't keep my curiousness and send her a message asking :"Would you tell me why is it you posed like this one" by attached the photo. Instantly , without any hesitation to covered up something, honestly she replied by noted : "I had try  too shoot so many poses by  myself  with a proper make up, but no one satisfied my eyes", she noted. The long explanation continued by saying : "Finally unsatisfied that she couln't produced any nice photos - as my  beautiful face -, by accident I deleted all  photos inside the memory", she noted.

Desperated that she had deleted everything, she come up with a crazy idea to have one , shooting while yelling and shouting what it look like, came up with a special and spectacular photo - above - to saw that whatever the poses, everybody knew that she was a beautiful lady.

For the last few days, I followed Lita connections to her love friend, Nana resided far way in Perth, Australia, I found out that they tied up a very close relationship, even until personal life problems. Nana tend to console, to comfort Lita in any personal problems and Lita welcome and thanks to whatever Nana had to say.

Nana always encouraged not  only Lita, but  another friends as well, supposedly she was a counsellor, cenayang (fortune teller) or personal advisor where everybody  agree and welcome her advice and supposedly again that Nana could see for afar what is in the mind of a friend. Encouragement not  solely on personal matters, some time motivated to run the bussines well and never give up, where Lita eager - especially in the fasting month - to market her cookies, chocholate pies and other kinds, to her friends in Face book, like this one Legit Surabaya, below.

I try to dig deeper to Lita's background and read most of the 10 poems in Face book Notes,  I choosed and read throughly one special poem, title "Jangan menyerah", means Never surender. It is a very strong soul statement as her life's principle Whatever waves come to destroy,  if stumbles in the walls, never ever give up. She determined  her soul to walk the life to afford her family with her tree small kids.

If you want to shed a tear or two, let it flow, wetting your cheek until your soul feel relieved, crying it loud but never begging for love or ask for mercy. In the last paragraph she stated very sure that her futures are full of hope and always say thanks to the God for every blessing, lived the life and do the best. She quoted a welknown song from d massive. Below I copy the full verses of Never surrender (Jangan menyerah)


Jangan menyerah..., jangan menyerah
Meski badai menerjang hati
Pula nyeri menggerogoti hati
Jangan menyerah..., jangan menyerah

Saat langkah terbentur dinding
Galau gundah juga gelisah hantui diri
Jangan menyerah...., jangan menyerah

Menangislah jika ingin menangis
Tertawalah jika itu menghibur diri
Usah harap dikasihani
Hanya akan menambah lemah diri
Dunia memang tak butuh pecundang
Hidup hanya untuk para pejuang

Jangan menyerah
Yakin pada harapan
Selama niat baik dari tulus hati
Jangan menyerah..., jangan menyerah

Hingga hari terakhir datang
Saat mata yang tertutup tak lagi terbuka
Masih ada dunia baru disana
Dunia yang indah bagi pemilik hati yang indah
Tidak menyerah itu indah 

Disatu pagi berteman lagu dmasive
"...syukur apa yang ada, hidup adalah anugrah
tetap jalani hidup ini, dan lakukan yang terbaik...."

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