Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Black Nfl Players With White Women


black boots (pillar burgos) boots biker (urban outfitters) wedges beige lace (bimba & lola) clogs boots (ebay) platform sandals black (topshop) black boots heel (jeffrey campbell) black boots (h & m) black boots retro laces (topshop) wedge sandals Roman (adolfo dominguez) sandals chloe seviggny beige (for topshop) flat boots beige (catchalot) lace boots brown (Hispanitas) ankle black lace tipped metal dots (bimba & lola) shoes country (bimba & lola) dancers buckles (bimba & lola) Roman sandals black (bimba & lola) black shoes (dr.marteens) moccasins cherry (Zara) loafers beige (jeffrey campbell) loafers black patent leather (white) oxfords beige (topshop) oxfords whites ( topshop) black patent oxfords (topshop) white sports (Reebok) Dancers black studs (mango) black tennis shoes (vans) balnaca soled black tennis shoes (vans) rockabilly shoes (demon) tennis whites) talk)

leggina killah purple triangles

religion shirt

denim biker jacket

velvet leggings ( american apparel)

Well it was time to show you all my shoes (though there are missing my boots Dr.Martens) Truth is not to put them, I get very angry having to put them in the shoe in any way because I do not fit, to-morrow I hope to have a giant shoe museum shoe looks hahaha. Yesterday I discovered a designer
new to me love is called Proenza Schouler I recommend you to take a look I love it!.
to know that I have taught some of my new clothes but not all! I have to leave some other surprises for my outfits ahaha
A kiss for all
PD: ma Friday will give the results of years of effort, I am that do not fit on my nerves so the muchisisisima wish me luck.

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