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Can I Put Paper Baking Cups Into The Oven

Mauricio Castillo López

born May 13, 1937 in Autlan, son of Beatriz López Martínez Castillo Leandro Castellon, the youngest of eight siblings.

played several trades, as a farmer, merchant and farmer, until he found his greatest passion: music. Began from 28 years with the group Musical Pachanga where noted for his classic accordion. Then he began to study with Mr. Moran and entered Tranquilino Sonora Autlense group. At the end of this stage started his own group with known Musical Pirates in 1970, is considered one of the best bands of the era. With Pirates Don Mauricio, nicknamed The Was, was for about 17 years. Some time later, together with Mr. Ruben Castellon and Francisco González, formed a trio.

Later he formed his own mariachi, Mariachi Autlense , along with some of the most outstanding musicians of the moment autlenses. After the mariachi, Don Mauricio continued active with groups such as Los Dorados de Villa, along with Simon Aréchiga, and a romantic quartet with Ramon Estrada.

The accordion Mauricio Castillo López, the Was, marked an epoch in popular music in Autlan.

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