Tuesday, April 5, 2011



For so long Citi Bank, American own reputation never doubted by Indonesian costumers. High officials, big companies had their services in various kind of transactions. The embezzlement of Rp. 17 billions caught up not by the Bank, but by a costumer.

The Bank set a special service for a big costumers or Big companies, called Private Bank or Personal Bank, a special service in a luxurious, convenience room, served by assigned manager. Some of the managers had a long time relationship with the costumers, so they surrendered fully to the managers including sign up the blank forms. 
                                 Melinda Dee
This kind of form legalized a manager to take necessary action including withdraw from costumer's account. For certain amount withdrawal, needed contra sign from a teller head or Branch manager. Since the costumers signed available, no doubt, a superior placed signatures as standard procedures said.. In this case, a costumer didn't careful enough to allowed the manager wrongdoing. Never imagine that this International, Big Bank cheated their own costumers.

The case open up when big costumers find out that the account under Malinda Dee  or Inong supervise unbalance  with company accounting. Some high officials, including Police officials kept it silent, didn't dare to sue  The Bank since the fund source will be questioned in the court later. Total embezzlement surprising every body, Citi Bank management and The Central Bank Rp. 17 billions, equivalent of US.$ 1.9 millions. It took long time this case open up by outsider, a costumers not by the Bank

Base on this case, we should careful, especially save a lots of money, read and ask thoroughly in details all kind of forms to be signed. We have the obligation to check and recheck every single transaction daily basis and later when get a monthly Bank Statement.

In Malinda Dee case, she wouldn't keep silent and will take her superiors to the court as well to proof that she is no alone to cheat. All procedures taken place as manual book said. We didn't sure if her superiors aware of their involvement or they were fully involved.

One other things didn't make sense about the luxurious way of her life, collected a lots of very expensive cars, land titles, precious jewelries and we questioned why police returned 50 things  to her, said nothing to do, not related to the case.
Lets wait what is the end of this comedy.

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