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Relevant U.S. lawyers torture outraged by Bradley Manning

And so can Obama talk to the American from Chile treated as equals?

Protesters support

By: Ed Pillkington / The Guardian, 04/12/2011, http://

Laurence Tribe, PJ Crowley, Bruce Ackerman, Yochai Benkler, Robert Reich, Kermit Roosevelt, Norman Dorsen, Kwame Anthony Appiah, among others, disgusted with isolation "ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid" by Manning.

More than 250 of the most eminent U.S. lawyers have signed a letter of protest against his treatment at the military prison of the alleged source of Wikileaks, Bradley Manning.

They contest their detention in "degrading and inhuman conditions" is illegal, unconstitutional and may even amount to torture.

The list of signatories includes to Laurence Tribe, a Harvard professor regarded as the ultimate authority of U.S. liberal law constitutional. Tribe, who taught constitutional law at Barack Obama and was a key sponsor of the 2008 presidential campaign, joined the Obama administration last year as counsel in the Justice Department, a position he held until three months ago.

He told The Guardian who signed the letter because Manning seemed to have been treated in a way that "is not only shameful but also unconstitutional," while awaiting a court martial at the Marine Base in Quantico, Virginia .

U.S. Soldier has been in the military prison since last July charged with multiple counts related to the leak of thousands of cables to embassies and other secret documents to Wikileaks.

Under the terms of his detention, he was kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, is reviewed every five minutes under the so-called "injury prevention order" and must stand naked at night with only a smock.

Tribe said the treatment is objectionable "in the way that goes against his person and his liberty without due process of law and how it manages cruel and unusual punishment in a way that can not be constitutionally inflicted, even someone convicted of terrible crimes, not to mention someone just accused of such crimes ".

Severe restrictions have been denounced by a number of human rights groups, including Amnesty International, and are being investigated by the United Nations rapporteur on torture.

Tribe is the second leading figure in the administration Linking Obama to break ranks by Manning. Last month, PJ Crowley resigned as State Department spokesman after making fun of the Pentagon's handling Manning as "ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid. "

Tribe's intervention and hundreds of other scholars of law is a huge embarrassment for Obama, who taught constitutional law at Chicago.

respect for the rule of law, a cornerstone of his government, promising the first time he entered the White House in 2009 put an end to the excesses of the war on terrorism the Bush administration.

As Commander in Chief, Obama is ultimately responsible for the Manning treatment by their military jailers. In his comments on the matter so far, Obama has insisted that the way the soldier is being held is "appropriate and complies with basic standards."

The protest letter, published in the New York Review of Books, was written by two distinguished law professors, Bruce Ackerman, Yale University and Yochai Benkler of Harvard.

They say the treatment Manning is a violation of the U.S. Constitution, specifically the eighth amendment prohibits cruel and the Fifth Amendment prevents punishment without trial.

In a stinging rebuke to Obama, argue that "was once a teacher constitutional law, and entered the national stage as a moral leader eloquent. The question now, however, is whether his conduct as commander in chief meets basic standards of decency ".

Benkler told The Guardian: "It is up to us as citizens and law professors say that enough is enough. We can not allow ourselves to behave in this way if we want America to remain a society dedicated to human dignity and the process of law. "

He said that the terms of Manning were being used" as a warning to the complainant of the future " and added: "I find it tragic that the Obama administration that is pursuing the complainants and imposing this type of treatment."

Ackerman said that under their own rule book of the Pentagon, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Manning jailers could be liable to prosecution for abusing him.

Article 93 of the code says "a person who is guilty of cruelty to any person subject to his orders, will be punished."

The list of teachers who have signed the protest letter includes figures from all the top U.S. law schools and other prominent names of academic fields.

Among them are former Labor secretary under Bill Clinton, Robert Reich, the grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, Kermit Roosevelt, the former president of the American Civil Liberties Union, Norman Dorsen, and the novelist Anthony Kwame Appiah.


The pupil insomniac to
-bradley-manning /


Africa Thieves prowling

banditry in Mali State

The popular insurrection has spread to all the Near East

By: Ibrahim Coulibaly a member of the CNOP, Mali

Magazine 'food sovereignty, biodiversity and cultures' 04/12/2011

Land grabbing is a problem that has accelerated since the 2008 food crisis. It has become a major problem in Mali, where in a few years, we have seen almost 700 000 hectares of land granted by the government to foreign companies, foreign states or the so-called investors.

What we have to understand is that this trend toward the monopolization of land, in line with neoliberal policies, wants to make people believe that the peasantry can not feed us. That was the message from the government after the food crisis: we need to increase production food.

But were those same policies in our countries over the past 30 years, and promoted by the World Bank and IMF, which did not allow our country to feed.

And we will not solve the food problem by giving land to foreign interests. Especially since the food crisis has shown that countries that relied on the world market for food supplies were particularly vulnerable.

Instead, we need more than ever, policies to strengthen local agriculture, investment in agriculture family to produce more-or-better yet to produce to feed our country.

Instead, we decided to give land to states with food supply problems.

When a state like Libya, which has no water and whose lands are less productive, have reached over 100 thousand hectares of agricultural land in Mali is not to produce food for and Malians, that is obvious.

So why the State of Mali gives our land more productive and better irrigated by foreign interests or to countries that need them to produce their food?

That's what we denounce. One thing that is clear is that this is due to loss of control over policy and its implementation at national level.

In other words, all the ideas that shape our state policies are dictated from outside.

was the president of the Republic, at the insistence of the World Bank, who has created a Presidential Council for Investment.

What is the Presidential Council for Investment? Is a mechanism launched to accelerate investment in our countries. Managers are hired very young, just out for graduates of U.S. universities who live in a completely different planet, they know nothing about the realities of our countries and who have only studied management or similar.

are recruited and become president of investment advisers. So anyone who comes to money, even if it is drug money, while bringing money, we display the red carpet. It is extremely dangerous.

believe that tomorrow will be possible that the drug money to take power in our country because no one is looking or trying to understand who enters.

As soon as the money comes, the doors open wide and delivered agricultural land easily, without transparency.

We can not accept this. Especially because it is land-related problems. And there are many human beings living on this land. We are talking about thousands of people, millions of people that have always existed: shepherds, peasants, fishermen found in these areas for millennia.

Guys and Dolls derechos. Nadie puede negarles sus derechos.

Es por eso que nos hemos movilizado. Para mí, no hay otro término.

La apropiación de tierras es bandolerismo de Estado.

Tenemos que tratarlos como bandidos porque tratan de apoderarse o tomar el único recurso que les queda a las personas pobres y dárselo a los que ya tienen demasiado, los que ya son extremadamente ricos. Y eso no es aceptable.


Revuelta en Magreb y Medio Oriente

Delirios de un dictador

By: ROBERT FISK, La Jornada, April 11 1911

The new face of the demon of coloniality

Lebanon a great place to gather linguistic tics of the dictators of the region (which hopefully will continue on the way down).

Alexandre Najjar thank you raised in the literary section of the French daily L'Orient Le Jour the strange parallels between the novels and stories of Kadafi and his latest delusions.

Saddam Hussein wrote the execrable Zabiba and the King. The old Syrian general Mustapha Tlass wrote about 40 poems, some close to anti-Semitism, along with a deeply shameful collection of poems dedicated to Gina Lollobrigida.

case you do not know, these guys write books.

But back in the early 1990, Qaddafi, and we can forget about his eccentric Green Book "came out with a series of stories later translated into French. Compiled in one volume, they put the title-hold your breath, folks, Escape to Hell, Death, The City, The Village, The Land, The Cosmonaut's suicide, people going back and other stories by a writer named Muammar Gaddafi.

Well, I warned you. And if you think that the Green Paper is lunatic, these stories are delusional. Kadafi sometime tells his readers: Come, let the collapse of Christianity, when people realized who told the lie that Christ was crucified for the sins of all. By relying on this belief, the Christian states have killed millions of people around the world, and Christ has forgiven you in advance! The crucifixion is a historical lie.

Then it gets better. In The City and The Village, the good colonel sentence of life in the city and urges his people to return to their roots. The city is hell, not a place of happiness. The city is the tomb of social life, oh, a shredder that destroys its inhabitants, much like what their army now tries to Misurata, Ajdabiya and other cities to the east.

flee the city! Oh, the city dweller has no name, no hope of improvement! His name is the apartment number, your phone number. And so on.

A dislike Kadafi cities, eh? That's why I like living in a tribal tent. "Do not kill the earth, he adds, because the soil will kill you." In The cosmonaut, our favorite author imagines a space traveler who knows a farmer commits suicide because there is no work for him on earth.

As Alexandre Najjar stressed mercilessly, then Gaddafi made a highly philosophical question: question whether death is male or female. Continues mulling over the father of Joseph, the pilgrimage to Mecca, Friday prayers and communism, which concludes that there is dead, but never born.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 was only one copy of the French Revolution of 1789. Lenin and Stalin were nothing but followers of Danton and Robespierre. But wait: there are two passages that cast a dark cloud over their attempts to crush the revolution in Libya in February.

Refuse to turn their children in rats to be a madhouse on asylum, in sewer drain. It is the same man who called a few days ago the insurgents should be hunted rats alley by alley, house by house, room by room.

the end of this extraordinary volume, argues that the time Kadafi action has come, precisely the same words he used in his absurd speech in Tripoli, where he read passages from the Green Paper. Do not say we were not warned. The force is irresistible, he announces. I love the crowds and my own father. These stories are studied along with quotations from the Koran to suggest that the prophet's ideas can be compared with the thoughts of Libyan guide.

The Lebanese newspaper An Nahar, a Libyan even dared to compare Kadafi with the great Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran. Fortunately, a Lebanese poet alive, Charles Chehwan, wrote an angry reply in which he described as a Bedouin Kadafi ignorant obsessed with ecology.

But here a caveat: I am afraid that the Arabs worship a triumphant leader. A well-known politician and told me in a text message this week: Robert, I was amazed Kadafi brigades. Appear stronger than the Afrika Korps.

Kadafi books were originally published by a former French ambassador to Libya. Do have read? Would it lead Lord Blair of Esfahan, in his infamous visit to Tripoli, some background papers on which suggest that Kadafi was not eccentric, but crazy, and you are advised to read those nonsense?

In fact, Blair ended a little too crazy, but at least he only blessed us with a book (so far, I'm afraid).

Who, I wonder, was that in the early 1920's he published a book in German that many people laughed and found it boring and insane?

For his books will know, I think.

© The Independent, Translation: Jorge Anaya

****** THE LAIR

rhizomatic text

Ivan Tovar Painting

By: Armando Botello


Sandra Hued Namias

"I have finished the hideout and seems to have been well" Franz Kafka

There are animals that cleared the trail in and out

of his lair.

I live
any creature of that species cunning.


When you enter a wet nose in my belly

(- came the Other, someone, Guest! - Tell me)

foreign bodies slowly palpated me.

Stealth witness in the underworld

of my life, dripping,

he thinks and explore my loneliness

archaic native land.

So I den taciturn

tremble and wait ...


the male goes first, followed by the female.

cautious sniff the gloom, they scream quietly

your message shady ...

enraptured by the sexual fury deep sump


Covered by the dense and fiery vapor from their instincts

not fear the cold teeth of predators


-------------------------------------------- -

And you, Three, who are you?

-------------------------------------------- - Change

now and throw-fatal bleeding, "

my footprints in the mud.

A stroke of fear will not abolish death.

I shed in silence from my shadow. It is high


only remains on the threshold of the burrow brightness

neutral letters ...

And will the Other, perhaps, who decipher the diagrams



gradients and vectors

flight on canvas as a painter shamanic magic.

chase that haunts me and offer me without honor

unknown victim in horrible slaughter, "

the night snake bite-imposing

sacred, awesome .

You can imagine, eye surface, not

can conceive!

In connection with the plot intense Dark


den beats the hole, oh terrible

Rat Man!

with murmurs and scriptures desecrated.

It slowly

phosphorus bestial creatures

unspeakable joys of the deep shine
, transfiguration



seeking the truth repressed origin /


someone comes to sewers, old toilets and stairs.

Limenes where life silent dialogue with



But enough of preambles:

Burrow I'm now writing
its mystery!

dismembered the bodies of animals that inhabit me.

furiously spit your bones banal tragedy

of unfathomable beings.

have nothing to fear and vermin from exile.

Only beware of my affection.

I bloody mouth of Christ in the cave!

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


Freedom of peasants and workers belong to them and can not be subject to restrictions. Corresponds to the peasants and workers to act, organize, understood in all domains of life, following your ideas and desires. (Army Black Makhnovist, Ukraine, 1925).

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