Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Find Gloryholes

Tianguis of regional and alternative pre-Hispanic Some parts

This morning on the lawn in front of the cultural center Jose Atanasio Monroy installed a flea market of alternative products produced in the region. In the flea market, which began around 10:00 hrs. and ended at almost 16:00, 18 producers participated in all kinds of products, all with the common denominator of being aggressive to the environment in their production process and contain no chemical that alters their natural characteristics. The sample was very busy during the six hours it lasted, although the vast majority of visitors were educated, with very little public presence outside the University.

occurred in the flea market a very wide variety of products, from food such as yogurt, toast, jam and coffee (all organic ) to toys and decorative items such as handmade jewelry Otomi and Huichol, shoes and ornaments crocheted from recycled materials.

full list of products on display today is:

Organic Coffee

La Candelaria, Villa Purification.

Pineapple Punch Don José .

jackfruit seed cake and bread rose petals, of La Huerta. Crafts

seeds, skin and shell, of Guadalajara.

Pasta Soup Malinalli , made with wheat flour and vegetable natural, no preservatives obviously artificial. Crafts

Huichol earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, shirts, pins ...

cactus and aloe vera products (shampoo, cream, gel, soap, jam, canned, dehydrated nopal), brought from Guadalajara. Yogurt

Karoly of Tecolotlán enriched with lactobacilli.

mojote Coffee and bread produced by the group United for Life of Zenzontla, Tuxcacuesco municipality.

agave distillate Don Benjo of Tonaya.

organic lemon and melon, tortillas and goat's milk caramel produced by the group The Comadres, La Cienega, municipality of El Limon.

mojote coffee and flour, honey, jams, preserves, pepián, pinole and tomato group of Earth Color of Cuzalapa. Sweets

Sayula typical. Crafts

of Otomi. Tiaras, necklaces, bracelets.

Crochet Shoes, Mrs Carmen Flores, Autlán. Jewellery

stones, leaves and petals, from Guadalajara.

Worm manure produced by Bertha Galindo of El Grullo.

corn scraped Toast black hats, pine and dry seeds of Jiquilpan, municipality of San Gabriel.

teachers in conversation with Judith Cevallos and Salvador García Ruvalcaba, the IMECBIO, we know that already in talks with the City of Autlán to organize the regular street markets and a more appropriate venue, as the now almost Nicolás Bravo abandoned market, better known as The Mercadito. Are also organizing workshops to learn how to make crafts from recycled materials, these workshops will post notices here when ready.

This gave him the flea market today a festive atmosphere and "alien" to the university, while curious visitors showed some of the items produced in the region thanks to the fertility of nature and the ingenuity of its people. We invite our readers to consume what is produced locally to help improve the economy of the region. Then

I leave a presentation with some of the photos we took this morning:

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