Saturday, April 16, 2011

List Of Mount And Blade

Luis Manuel de la Paloma and Ka in the new house Nehuatl Morumbi

premiered last night the new cultural center facilities Morumbi House, located in Abasolo # 87 with a performance by singer-songwriter Luis Manuel alteño that of the Dove. The concert, which was made with the intention of raising funds for the delegation Autlán Mexican Red Cross, began at 21:15 hrs. to only 16 attendees (although in the course of the evening got together almost 40).

The program is opened Mrs. Ninfa Fonseca, singing for 15 minutes, some rancheras ( Paloma negra, Red Sky and Here among us) accompanied the group Nehuatl Ka, which usually accompanies Luis Manuel. On this occasion the group Ka Nehuatl (guitar, percussion, 2 guitars and bass) was "reinforced" by guitarist autlense Abraham Rosales, in the absence of one of the musicians owners.

Shortly after 21:30 started the presentation of Luis Manuel, with parts La Paloma and Angelina porfiriana Alma. Then, for almost two hours, the performance of the dove, full of theatrics and humor that kept people alert and in constant communication with him, took place between Indian songs sung in their original languages \u200b\u200b(the heartbreaking

The last word dedicated to a dead child, a poem written by her mother Nezahualcoyotl (Neza of Don, of course) and a pirecuas Michoacan), music of the mid-twentieth century ( Desengáñame , The Four Seasons, string of pearls and deception Flower) and her own compositions, as Full stop, Of that I love so or religion My other parts where it shows the influence of music "suburban" of the 50, although other more emotional then sang as The letter behind and A more time.

to end its participation interpreted the sounds alburescos The coconito and Juliana Nanny and compositions of Pancho Madrigal Jacinto Cenobio and From your first cigarette. Al Finally, and popular demand, returned to sing his part Martin where the story of street children contribution.

hope this will be the resumption of another long season of performing arts in this house, after almost two years in a row that were taken in the previous headquarters.

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