Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mobile Office

I have always enjoyed conducting business from wherever I happen to be. It makes life easier. And more fun. Today, I am conducting business from somewhere in Utah on I-17. I am the co-pilot on a 20 hour drive from Scottsdale, Arizona to Great Falls, Montana. I must be honest, I was not looking forward to this drive. I have logged A LOT of hours on the road this year spreading the Bon Lemon love, and the idea of tacking twenty more on just for fun sounded like listening to Michael Buble while eating mouthfuls of cilantro. (There is only so much sitting my butt can take before it, along with my stomach, start to look like a science experiment gone wrong. Even with my snacks of hardboiled eggs and oranges today, I feel myself melting into the seat.)

But 6 Par Farmer makes this migration twice per year. Once in the fall and once again in the spring. I thought it only right to accompany him. And I figured if I was going to be the passenger instead of the driver (I do help with the driving sometimes) I better be productive. I have been meaning to get the Verizon MiFi hotspot thingamajig, so I can use my fancy (read: complicated) new point of sale system on the road. So, I ordered up the thingamajig last week, signed on the dotted line and was ready to head off on our trek, armed with wireless internet connectivity.

So... here I am. With all of my gadgets. Videoing the drive. Playing Words on my iPhone. Trying to do my taxes on my iMac. Blogging with my Mifi. (A touch slow, but pretty cool to have on the drive.) All the while trying not to get carsick.

If I can get a few things done on the drive, beyond gaining 5 pounds and increasing my sodium consumption to alarming levels, I will consider this little endeavor a success. Hopefully, 6 Par Farmer will appreciate the company. Although, I think my impatience is tangible, as he offered to buy me champagne at the last gas station. (He's a lover.) When we arrive on Sunday in Great Falls, I will run around the block as many times as possible preparing for my 10 hour drive back to Olympia. I have to get back in the car? Shoot. Me. Now.

I need a jet.

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