Thursday, April 21, 2011

Objects of Desire

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a Harvard grad who used to work at a number of top ad agencies in New York doing branding and marketing. Bon Lemon is getting fancy! Lucky for me, she moved to Olympia to raise her family and does consulting on the side, so I was able to score an appointment with her.

We talked a lot about Bon Lemon, and I was relieved to hear we are naturally on the right track. Woo hoo! One of the suggestions she made was that I limit my blog posts to my original theme: "when life gives you lemons... blog about pretty things." If you have been following my blog you know, I often get WAY far afield from the "pretty things" genre.

Owning an accessories company means being labeled with a few stereotypes. Many people think I didn't have a business plan, and I just really like jewelry -insert hair flip-. Many people think I must be superficial and only care about material things. And most don't understand why Bon Lemon feeds my soul. I know I should ignore stereotypes, but I feel the need to explain myself which is probably why my blog has gotten a little deep at times.

Bon Lemon is about pretty things. Bon Lemon is about sparkly bracelets, a smile on the face of a young girl with cancer, drinking wine at a trunk show with friends, supporting a 3-Day team honoring their mother who lost her fight with breast cancer, improving a lackluster day with a crystal, owl cocktail ring, and learning about new people and places all along the way.

I am going to focus my blog on "pretty things," but I may stretch the bounds of what "pretty" is. Because that is what Bon Lemon is all about. (I remember blogging something like this in the beginning. Guess I got a little off track :)

Today, I would like to show you a brand I have been lusting over for years. It is definitely one of my objects of desire. Today's blog is not about saving the world. This is just a blog about gorgeous and decadent and lovely things by Iomoi. Iomoi does not do wholesale, so unfortunately, we can't carry their wares. But if you are in need of fabulous stationery, a quintessentially over-the-top lucite tray, or the end all be all of ice buckets, check out Fab! Fab! Fab!

The photos show you lots of their fantastic items. Matches, coasters, paperweights, stationery, and more! And the bottom picture shows you my very own personalized lucite tray. It was a hostess gift from my generous and always thoughtful sister. Don't you just love the monkey and the camel? Iomoi, please start selling wholesale. We love you!

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