Sunday, April 10, 2011

P - O - D - I - U - M

                                 Pdt.Efendy Rajagukguk 
Standing under the ceiling
Full jacket and nice looking
Spreading good news and peace, smiling
Comfort our being

In the middle of joking
Take a side in conflicting
Stand still, like a rock
Other opinions won’t work

Speak softly, lips curve
Memorized verses but far from reality
Make some attendants nodding
Boring, snoring

                                        Ambarawa, Central Java

Long standing
Smiling under un save mustache
Speak with a short notes
As an antique train parking
Unaware of a gap with a youngsters

Voice in high octave singing
Speak like automatic weapons
Told the old stories of the desert
Miss link to recent reality
Watch the clock, wonder when its over

Sunday always a happy family day
Get the best dress and fresh
Gathering, sing, praise Him
Prayers blessing from high above

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