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The Pipón the lamppost. Photo by Guillermo Tovar.

On Nolasco Javier Jorge Boyzo

In terms of carrying out any work or social project (reference to Carnival) it must necessarily be subjected to a process of evaluation leading to confront the same products (results) and the actions implemented for it, against the purposes and objectives that inspire its implementation, as part of autlenses traditions.

However, the assessment also involves the issue of value judgments leading to rectify errors in the greatest possible objectivity, in this sense, this objective refers to the assumptions made to establish whether positive or negative, regardless of affiliation politics, sexual orientation or religion you profess. On this basis, I have introduced then as autlense I am, and the historical research carried out on this party for quite some years to establish a small way analysis assessment of what the organization because and implementation of the Carnival of Autlán-recently completed-means for a server.

As thus, I must say that input is fair to recognize the efforts made by the Organizing Committee of Carnival Autlán-it is not easy to organize an event of this magnitude, to preserve traditions such as the Charlot (the last was held with the union of drivers in the year 1989), the scheduling of free events, such as "Lagrimita and Costel, to the delight of the crowd numerous child willingly attended the plaza as are also part of Carnival, and who not infrequently have been confined to forget these days, or for another popular celebrations throughout the year.

Special mention coronation night in the bullring, as it turned to look like another eventful years, thanks to the free tickets, the enjoyment of a good artistic performance, and the desire autlenses most, to see her crowned Queen of Carnival and maximum sovereign, Marcela I, giving justice to the hawkers who for years made Leopoldo Godoy Cisneros (he is owed the idea of \u200b\u200bcrowning in the square, crystallized in 1985), who emphasized at all times, respect and courtesy for queen, princess and other ladies of honor, adorned with their presence so wonderful and unique evening.

However, without the slightest intention of lacerated feelings of others, such recognition becomes hardly noticeable because of the severity of some unintentional errors committed by the organizers. Perhaps the most significant and value is given to slogan "The Best Carnival Bullfighting in Mexico", a situation that sadly is recognized, and often angry rages, because that way, it left much to be desired.

I were clear to note that the circumstances that led to deconstruct the bullfighting poster previously made, that without it, had no experience of the leading figures of the Mexican bullfighting, yes there were all a figurehead of the bullfighting world (Sebastián Castella), as well as great promise Cúchares art, before the onslaught of victories that many of them brought in tow. Not so the cattle, which weigh less and fine appearance presented at the plaza, to the derision and mockery of his angry supporters.

regard, it is important to clarify and define the functions of the members of the Organizing Committee of the Carnival, for only in them lies the commitment to take forward the party, under the circumstances presented in the serial structure of the bull and all your organization as appropriate; not so for those staff council itself, whose effort and ability to govern, could give better attention to other important areas of public administration, which does not deserve to be forgotten.

A laughable situation is what happened in the same plaza de toros as a result of the hit of the times set for the completion of the formal runs, not for who had the misfortune, in its occurrence may - to turn back the clock half an hour, like a good action to fix the wrongs that occurred, not ever imagining ridicule and mocked see your name, do so manifest.

Otro punto por demás importante en la organización de la fiesta, es el que lleve a regular de manera obligada la venta de boletos; sobre todo, en la programación de espectáculos artísticos, pues la plaza manifestó un sobrecupo exagerado en dos de sus eventos principales, causando de esta manera gran irritación a sus numerosos asistentes; quien ante la incomodidad manifestada (es inminente la realización de sendos estudios de mecánica de suelos, para detectar fallas en la estructura de la obra; en la intención de prevenir posibles riesgos y daños, debido a dicho al sobrecupo), también tuvieron que soportar la indolencia de artistas y cantantes, que pese a la falta of respect shown to the public in compliance with a schedule previously established in the contracts, and in full disregard of our traditions and customs are still present in the square, carrying in his pockets, large amounts or sums of money.

This situation is quite delicate, being tourists, people from other municipalities and their own autlenses who attend events in the plaza, as the loss of the capacity for dialogue and communication with the organizers, to ask for explanations of what the opinion of the participants "believe just" fall into the folly, the closure and authoritarianism, as in reason the "perceived power" that gives the job. Yet it also recognizes the fact that you can find those who in humility of its people dignify and ennoble the party, with their attitude of service and "people skills."

In this same line, it should also regulate with respect to the conformation of the traditional guilds, thus preventing the fraud and waste due to poor planning and inexperience of many of its members. Special attention is the choice of the Carnival Queen, established since then that he be native population, in addition to their physical attributes size, beauty, grace and simplicity above all, deserves to be crowned as such, but this will hurt the feelings of hundreds of young people who aspire to such autlenses distinction, as happened this time (1952, year of the conformation- of contention between unions, to date, there are four recognized cases of candidates not originating in the population).

is true that there are still many things to do, leading to the aggrandizement of the greatest feast of all autlenses, crowded the fact, ie, spread in other national settings as the "Feria del Caballo" , Texcoco, the "San Marcos" in Aguascalientes; and the "Cervantes", in Guanajuato, to name but a few, and even promote themselves also in international arena, taking advantage of new information technologies and communication.

In the same vein, it should strengthen the traditional lantern tours, further develop fully the bullfighting school, schedule events for children's and seniors, but above all, strive to employers and other organizers of the celebration for the return of longing "Free door", where many brave lads waited for the coveted opportunity to enjoy the finishing touches on art festival (the last took place, during the period, being responsible for 86-88 square Mr. Alejandro Parra Gutiérrez).

course for this, should redouble efforts in order to gain the prestige and reputation which for years has had Autlán Carnival, for which the face of it, it is first necessary to recognize some faults or omissions ( it is wise to do so), in an effort to refocus and make sense of this traditional festival.

Thus I firmly believe that when the real desire to leave service afloat, depart and political recriminations flying the flag of work justice and honesty continues, then yes, I am sure ... we will have been able to organize and conduct a carnival True in every sense, otherwise, only time and memory.

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