Wednesday, April 20, 2011


                                         Somali pirates

Helpless  facing pirates far away from home. Most countries prefered to negotiated, pay the ransom to pirates using modern weapons then using force by Naval army from their own country
                                            MV.Sinar Kudus

How 20 crew of MV.Sinar Kudus treated with minimum logistic, water supply shortage, didn't well informed.
Negotiation took time while Fregat ship and a helicopter alert to help negotiation and paying the ransom.If Navy and special forces Kopassus troops could rescue the crews safely would elevate Indonesia sovereignity in the world. Just few countries able to war the pirates, in their own yard. 
Red dot below is the location where Sinar Kudus pirated. On the left side is Somalia country, a lots of ships hidden on the shores occupied by the pirates.
                                           Somalia map

Somalia was a Fail country where the Goverment not run comprehensively as a normal Nation, just occupied the Capital and small parts of the country. Most parts governed by lots of the war lord make the country lawless and poor as well.
Army couldnt do anything with shortage of resources make Pirates as a good business to be. From time to time the ships pirated and ransom increase shaply. The consequences were buyers all over the countries paid a high price if the ships took the route around Somalia. 
                                            Ships pirated

Somalia Goverment asked international communit y to help. For the time being United Nation couldn't relied on not got full attention from the Nation members properly
                                           Pirates in action

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