Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Invitation Alan photographic exhibition Aviña

The head of Art and Culture of the City of Autlán photographic exhibition invites the posthumous If you do not stop for a minute, You Might Miss it ... Alan autlense of Aviña. The exhibition will open on Wednesday 4 May at 19:00 hrs. in the corridors of the City Hall and will comprise a selection of 17 plates, two in black and white and color the rest, taken at various locations in Mexico and London.

According to information from the head, Alan Aviña (1990-2011), was a successful photographer and very active in Guadalajara published in magazines such as Poshmagazine , Maxwell and KY and, while still in high school, won a photo contest Infomatrix taking place in Romania. August 2010 to January 2011 he lived in London, where he continued his photographic work and was even hired by the agency Models 1, which held several sessions.

To complete the invitation, I share some words of Alan Aviña included in the invitation sent by the City Council:

"When you discover how amazing it is to stop the momentum, the second, when you look your eyes and you know you can capture it even if you only for you, beauty. "
As a photographer attempted to stop, wonder, texture, skin, wrinkles, lights, shadows, hair, air, sunset. Challenging
give the perfect cluck, found in fashion as to capture, create, produce the magic for the efforts of many is in the minds of a few points.
Each momentum, the design was the head of the operator made tangible, sweat, fights, stress, time, phone calls, laughter, all in a production to create four or five wonderful photographs.
trying to focus out of the futile and unattainable, but taking an image of itself worthy of worship, were real or false in a perspective of what many work.
So I work as a photographer and I keep doing the rest of my life with the same passion and admiration. Just see the beauty that has enveloped and has hidden away between the seconds of your life.

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