Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Fab New Outfit On A Shoestring

Crochet top
$37 -

Tunic top
$27 -

Tie dye tank
$20 -

GAP cuffed jeans
$70 -

Franco Sarto wedge heel sandal
$60 -

TOMS slip on boat shoes
$58 -

Flip flop shoes
$46 -

Some of my recent fashion blogs have featured items I lust over. Is it likely I am going to run out and pick up the $3,000 Burberry number I have had my eye on? Um, no. Will I find something equally fabulous and pair it with some Bon Lemon accessories and a cute top I picked up at Target? Absolutely. Tory Burch meets Old Navy. Marshall's meets Nordstrom. You get the idea.

Today's fashion blog is about reality. We would all like to shop on Rodeo, or 5th Avenue, or wherever the hip place to be shopping these days is, but let's get real. This blog highlights some great pieces that are available in anytown America. There is no excuse for not looking fabulous. (Remember, Bon Lemon is only a click away.)

The Outfit

1. Tops. The new Calypso collection at Target is a great jump into summer. Love the colors. And some of their fabrics are quite good. (I am a fabric snob, and love the 100% silk pieces they did. The poplins felt nice too.)

2. Denim. Gap was a great go-to for jeans in 5th grade, but they have kept up with the trends and are a good place to find basic denim for summer. Roll them up and you will be so chic, nobody will notice they aren't designer.

3. Accessories. Aaa. And the accessories. A fun Bon Lemon cocktail ring and a pair of hammered, sterling earrings will take it to the next level. Don't leave home without your sparkle.

4. Shoes. Lastly, the footwear. Although, I have noticed some people wearing cute shoes from Target, there are certain things I do not buy at Target. I do not buy handbags, and I do not buy shoes. This might make me snobby, but I find the quality in these areas to be lacking. And with all of the cute, affordable footwear options available, why not broaden your shoe horizons.

Tom's are all the rage and for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to someone in need. Win-win. Love the Bon Lemon yellow. Rainbows are comfy and stylish and are perfect for a lazy day. If the stylish southern or Cali friends in your life haven't converted you yet, buy some of these. Havaianas aint got nothin' on Rainbows. And we all need a pair of wedges when we want to up to ante a bit. Franco Sarto and Nine West are good bets to be reasonable quality, affordable, and stylish.

Voila! An outift. Perfect for date night, grocery shopping, or book club. And you'll have money left over to spring for dinner. Yippee!

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