Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Care for Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry and fine jewelry are not the same. Fashion jewelry is affordable, fine jewelry is not. Fashion jewelry can be big and bold, fine jewelry is often more conservative. Fashion jewelry is affordable, and fine jewelry is not. And fashion jewelry needs to be cared for differently than fine jewelry.

Bon Lemon carries a variety of pieces of varying styles and price points. Some designs are inherently more delicate and some more durable. Some are made of alloy and some of sterling or 18k gold. Here are some tips on how to keep all of your Bon Lemon pieces shining.

1. Pave crystals are delicate. Pave crystals are inherently delicate. It doesn't matter how much you spend, there will always be a risk of losing a stone. We have some pieces that are made with sterling silver that will be more durable over time, but with other metals, a little bit of care goes a long way. You can apply a layer of clear nail polish to pave crystal cocktail rings and bracelets. You won't notice the coating and it will make your pieces more durable. Additionally, avoid gardening, changing your oil, or kneading bread with your statement cocktail ring on. (We have tried all of the above, with mixed results.)

2. High grade sterling will tarnish. The majority of Bon Lemon's sterling silver is higher than 92.5% pure. This means, if you aren't wearing it, it will tarnish. You can avoid this by wearing your jewelry frequently. (Sounds like a good solution to us.) The good news is sterling is easy to polish with a cloth or a cleaner. This can take some elbow grease, but the reward is super gratifying. We try to carry sterling that is plated with rhodium which makes tarnishing less frequent. Ask us.

3. Store your jewelry in Bon Lemon's signature ruffled bags. This will prevent your jewelry from rubbing together and scratching the metal or loosening a stone. The bags are great for traveling, but they work well at home too.

And if you have any questions or concerns about your Bon Lemon goodies, please let us know. We stand behind everything we sell and if your favorite piece didn't stand the test of time, we want to know.

when life gives you lemons... put on something sparkly.

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