Friday, May 6, 2011

Pylones is Pretty

Is there any reason everyday objects shouldn't be stylish and fun? I think not. Why shouldn't your toaster be adorned with bright, hot pink flowers? (Mine is.) Or your timer be in the shape of a pirate? (Um, yep.) Pylones agrees with me and this chic French company takes the everyday, and they make it extraordinary. I have a Pylones hand broom and dustpan. Sweeping the floor can be fun.

When you dive into a salad, you definitely need this serving set. It is sure to start a conversation at the dinner table.

I have one of these pens at my desk. Anything with a tutu is an A+ in my book. What's your favorite color? My ballerina pen is Bon Lemon yellow. Imagine that.

And I can't think of anything better to serve your favorite, dog-loving friend's birthday cake with.

You can buy Pylones online and find it in specialty stores around the world. I have been building my collection for years. They are always coming out with something new and unnecessary. There is a Pylones store in NYC. I don't think there are any others in the US, but it is worth the trip. (Stop off at Alexis Bittar while you are there. Drool. Drool. And take me with you.)

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