Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunny Days are Pretty (Especially after a few rainy ones.)

It has been a rainy/snowy winter and most people are ready for spring. Today, was a beautiful spring day in Olympia. I love the seasons, because I think each one makes you apprecaite the next. Some might enjoy 24/7 blue skies and sun, but for me, the sun is so must sweeter when you haven't seen it in awhile. The birds are chirping, the blossoms are bursting, and everything seems alive again.

Makes you want to curl up on a swing and read a book. (Excuse my finger.)

Or go find your favorite piece of dritwood on the beach.

I love this curve in the beach. It looks like it was part of a senior thesis in landscape design. Love.

Even the starfish are out basking in the sun.

Hope you got out and enjoyed it.

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