Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tennis Skirts

I have been wanting to learn how to play tennis for awhile now. The combination of hitting a ball hard (It takes me back to my fastpitch days.), the ability to compete as an adult (I am a touch competitive.), and cute outfits (um, yeah duh.) sold me on the sport ages ago. But with all that has been going on at Bon Lemon, it took awhile before I found the time to take lessons.

I am happy to report, I am currently on lesson number three! More importantly, this means I can now justify buying tennis outfits. Yippee! Nike tennis stuff is cute, but I like to support other small businesses, so I went looking for some unique stuff on the web. Tennis garb seems to fall into two categories: Steffi Graf circa 1988 or Venus and Serena circa now. I wanted to fall into the latter. And lucky for me, I stumbled upon a company called Volleygirl. They have the cutest tennis skirts in fashion forward prints. And my favorite feature: a little "poof" of mesh at the bottom.

I received a grape "poof" tennis skirt today and it is way fun. I think I might need all of their summer prints. The giraffe is so adorable! The pictures on Volleygirl's website are a little hard to see, but I can vouch for these skirts. They are super cute and fit well. (Order a size down if you are in between.)

I might not be able to serve (yet), but at least I will be looking sassy on the court thanks to volleygirl.net.

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