Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday Party: Indoor Picnic

Two of my friends had birthdays this week, so we decided to have a joint party cruising the lake on a party barge. Only problem... It is not warm. Or sunny. And is supposed to rain. Problematic.

So, we decided to have an indoor picnic at my house. Complete with sun hats, trashy magazines, and yummy treats.

Nothing says picnic like spakling wine in a pink can. With a straw. I am obsessed with these Sofia minis from Coppola Winery. You need some for your summer fete.

I also made strawberry pineapple kabobs. Sweet, easy, and nice to look at.

Combine that with crab and tarragon quiche, tomato, green bean and goat cheese quiche, and corn, mint, quinoa salad and you've got a summer meal! I rarely make the same recipe twice, so it is always a crap shoot for my guests. Might be delicious, might not. (Makes you want to come to my house, doesn't it. ;) Let's hope everything is tasty.

The only thing left is the birthday cake. Today, we are having a whiskey lemon bundt cake. After a near disaster when the cake wouldn't come free from the pan, it turned out quite pretty. I cooked a dime inside, just like my grandma used to. Whoever gets the dime in their piece gets good luck for the rest of the year. (I use this as an excuse to have multiple pieces.)

Happy birthday friends. We may not be able to party outside. But we can bring the fun indoors.

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