Wednesday, June 15, 2011


E A G L E  

An eagle grow healthy 
Fly high above the sky
over turbulence, heavy rain and lightning
Grab the food to feed his twitters
Strong muscles compete with others
Always among the best and the fastest.
Some the fellow birds cheated
Kick him down to the deep valley
before fly again facing new obstacles
before settled down on top of the tree
Facing down multicolor flowers below.
Before his wing's bone weakens
Nestled near the port beach
against the waves and thunder of the sea.
Until the day tsunami crash
destroy everything, nests and barns

The old eagle struggled hard
fly against the weather
Its about time to stay calm in the nest
Hopefully the twitters would defend
from the bad weather
to feed and maintenance

He forget to stocked barns while strong
Too focused on feeding the twitters
to the highest and far away
From his nest settled.

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