Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farm Flowers

Today, M2 will be taking you on a tour of the many gardens at Kolstad and Kolstad farms.

When you live on a wheat farm, everyone has different chores. One person is in charge of mowing, another driving the grain truck, another the combine, etc. And then there is the one who keeps everyone fed and the place looking pretty. Here at Kolstad and Kolstad Farms, that person is 6 Par Farmer's mother.

6 Par Farmer's mother has vast flower beds that make everything around the farm pretty. Flowers by the house, flowers hanging from the light poles, flowers around the tennis court, flowers everywhere! And on top of that, there is a big vegetable garden that provides lots of yummy fresh food all summer long.

It has been a rainy spring here, which has meant lots of weeding, but also lots of pretty flowers. The house is filled with a continually changing array of irises, peonies, daisies, and a bunch of flowers I won't ever remember the name of. (No matter how many lessons I get about them...)

Because I have a bit of a brown thumb, I am always impressed by people with gardens. And 6 Par Farmer's mother takes it to the next level. M2 and I were in charge of the dinner bouquet and this morning they went out to pick some red, white, and blue flowers in honor of 4th of July weekend. Flowers for every season.

Being out in the middle of thousands of acres of farmland is oh-so-much-prettier when you are greeted by a rainbow of blooms and blossoms. The juxtaposition of the monochromatic landscape with the colorful oasis is something else.

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