Monday, June 20, 2011


F A T H E R S  D A Y
Today, monday, June 21, 2011 is a Fathers day. This morning unexpectedly I got a message in my Facebook account from my son Monang, resided in South California said : "hi pap, we are celebrating a father's day today here, thinking of you this day for making me of what I am today, just wanna thank you and wishing a great blessed day. Love you!!! I missed everyone back home".

This is the 1st time ever got a message since it was not our tradition yet in Indonesia to say Happy Fathers day. How I feel ? I am very glad that my son remembered what Father had been done so far to my family.

                                Mini Bus, opelet driver
I saved a lot to make it happened sent him overseas study and decided stay with his wife in State. Thw saving from my first job as bank employee and second from my own business

At the same day I paid attention to 3 (tree) comments on Face book friends, that appreciated their Dad function as well. 

Sherly Kilapong statement make my heart melted  :
No matter how old I get, no matter how often I stay out with friends, no matter how far I move away with my beloved one, no matter how many children I have later, no matter how many grandchildren I will have....Daddy, I will still be your little girl! I love you more than the world will ever know!! You are my friend, my hero, but most importantly you are my...Daddy Happy Fathers Day, Papa.... miss u so much

                                                    Sweating Daddy

Aditya Sylvana offened his opinion by saying :
My late Father was my best friend, my wisest counsellor, my guide. Every Fathers Day I miss him so much...I can tell that you are a great father too. My heartfelt Happy Father's Day to you, amang. Many happy returns.

I had a friend in State that his wife's job position more than her husband, and her working days longer too, then her husband spend the times to take care of the children. What about that. 

Elly Kurnia Andangsari said : 
Most opinion tend to appreciated mother's function than Fathers in Children education, but Fathers contribution were so significant beyond finance responsibility. Just like my beautiful face and my character mostly come down from my father. Happy belated father's day.

                                Work over time

By accident, few days later, I read a Note of Vhie Simanjuntak, my family resided in Abu Dhaby saw her love to her Dad writing a sad poem as follows :

by Vhie Simanjuntak on Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Dad.......Did I ever say thanks for.................

all the toys you mended games we played outings to the park and the ways you always tried to cheer me when I was down?

The sacrifices you made so I could be involved in so many enriching to provide for activities?

For working sohard to provide for our family?

For having so much faith in me and always being there when I needed you?

Most of all did I ever say thanks for caring?


Hopefully the west tradition of Fathers day would be treated similar with Valentine day to saw appreciation to what Dad had been doing so far, responsible to feed entire family by not forgetting the sacrificing being a mother that had been celebrated in either in Mothers day and in Kartini day.

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