Friday, June 17, 2011

Nevada City, California Wedding Going

I have friends spread out across this great land. I am in my early 30's which means lots of my friends have either tied the knot or are getting the itch do so. Put these two things together and it equals a booked wedding calendar. This weekend, I am in North San Juan, California, just north of Nevada City, California for the wedding of a high school friend.

I have described this part of the world as the place "where rednecks meet hippies." This wasn't based on a brochure or any factual information, but just my best guess. I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the landscape, the friendly people, and the cute shops and restaurants. (There are lots of hippies and rednecks, and lots of yuppies too.)

Today, I arrived in Nevada City in the late afternoon, with just enough time to browse the main drag. Nevada City is filled with the charm of an old mining town turned hippie haunt turned trendy vacation spot. I found it absolutely lovely. I even found a new jewelry designer for Bon Lemon. (This wedding trip is now a tax write off. Woo hoo!)

The local jewelry designer uses cameos produced in Europe with metals, resin, crystals, and stones to create handmade pieces in her Nevada City workshop. They feel vintage and modern all at the same time. Look for these new pieces in the shoppe and online next week. (P.S. The shoppe gal, who was likely in her 70's, was about as fab as you could get. We chatted for at least an hour about hard work, family, and not being too matchy matchy. Loved her!)

As I walked down the streets there was live music playing in the watering holes (filled with patrons), people setting up for tomorrow's farmer's market, a man setting out the sandwich board at a French restaurant, and random hippies playing hacky sack. What else do you need?

I am now in North San Juan getting ready to head to the rehearsal dinner. The sun is shining and there is a light breeze on the deck. Things are more laid back here. The doors aren't locked at the bed and breakfast. Those guests not staying here are camping. And sun dresses and flip flops are the wedding attire du jour. Should be a great contrast to the traditional weddings I know and love. More pictures to come. Come to Nevada City. It is really quite great. (Anywhere with yuppies, hippies, and rednecks is a winner in my book.)

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