Monday, June 13, 2011

When playing sports, one should be properly accessorized.

On my quest to find a suitable tennis racquet bag, I discovered there is, how shall we say, a bit of a gap between what is available and what is desired in the way of racquet bags. I don't know about you, but a black nylon bag with the words, "Prince" or "Wilson" sprawled out in the same silver font they have been since 1976 isn't my idea of cute. Kate Spade made a cute racquet bag at one point, but it is discontinued and was $400. I love Kate Spade, but at this point in my life, $400 for a racquet bag might not fall into the "necessity" column.

My search continued. And guess what I found? Fabulous. Reasonble. Fabulous. Did I say fabulous? Tennis racquet bags! And not just that, but golf accessories, dog collars, and affordable handbags that don't make me want to gag. (I have a bit of a problem finding handbags under $400 that are adequate, so I find myself scouring off-price websites whenever I am in need.) These are acutally cute AND don't cost a month's salary. I am over the moon. We will soon be carrying the cutest golf club headcovers:

Affordable handbags in cute prints:

And dog collars for walking your furry friend in style:

All made in the USA and under $100. Are you jumping on your bed with excitement yet? Preorders are welcome. Because these are going to go like hot cakes.

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