Saturday, July 2, 2011



I am sorry Dad……
For not being able to see all your love and care
You were like the Sun that always glow
Filled our lives with warmth and tenderness
Like a shining Star and the wind that blows

I am sorry Dad……
For not being able to say all that should’ve been said
Many a times I kept it thinking that you’ll always be here
To guide me teach me, hold me and give me strength
Now that you have gone I feel so lost and have so much to fear

I am sorry Dad……
For all those who were like your child and left you in your time
Although deeply hurt, filled with anger but I do not mind
Coz in time they will see, sooner or later they will realize
A Brother, a Father, a Friend, a Mentor like you will be hard to find

I am sorry Dad……
For taking it all so easy, for being so close yet so apart
Thank you for everything coz who I am is because of you
No words can say what I really feel but still I want you to know
Till the end of time you’ll be in my heart and I’ll always love you 


Create Date Saturday, July 02, 2011

Naveed Iqbal, Poem

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