Friday, September 9, 2011

Philippines police like Al Capone Cops

Philippine police 'like Al Capone cops' 

United States' diplomats thought Philippine police to be as corrupt as Chicago cops in the Al Capone era who tortured, extorted and even murdered suspected criminals, according to a leaked embassy cable.

The 2005 cable, sent apparently by the then number two at the US embassy in Manila, outlined in colourful language what it said was 'endemic' corruption within the 117,000-member Philippine police force. 
                                  Al Capone
Mission observers compare the PNP (Philippine National Police) to police forces in Al Capone's Chicago, or 1940s 'LA Confidential' Los Angeles,' said the cable published by anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks.

Apart from corruption, many cops undertake investigative short cuts that often employ physical abuse, the planting of evidence, and sometimes - allegedly under guidance from local elected officials - the extra-judicial killing of criminal suspects.'
WikiLeaks open up the secret cable of  US Embassy in Manila, especially endemic corruption in Police forces, that similar to Al Capone, a bandit gang that so powerful in year 1920  - 1930 in the East of America, especially in Chicago.
Manila Police speaker, Agrimero Cruz, last Thursday, September 8, 2011  didn't say a thing except, recently the condition far better.

Al Capone one of powerful bandit organization in the East of America who run prostitution, gambling, liquor and killing. This organization in the condition untouchable as a result of bribe law of forces, judges and municipalities high officials

In internal Organization, Police asked some bribery from the Police's candidates in the recruitment process and also from the business people.

Leak cable belong to American Embassy in Manila that WikiLeaks written, signed by Joseph Mussomeli, now US Ambassador for Slovenia Republic.

Source : Strait Time, Singapore and Kompas, Jakarta

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